This lavish 1,625 square foot (151 square meters) apartment overlooking Hammarby Lake in Stockholm, Sweden, certainly has what it takes to get you impressed and inspired. Combining vintage details with state-of-the-art modern furniture pieces, the crib has a unique style. The core of this Scandinavian loft is a large living room, featuring plenty of seating units- the perfect place to have friends and family over. There may not be a fireplace to adorn this room, but the five lovely pendant lamps and vintage furniture bring so much warmth to this room, that no supplementary heat source is needed. Painted entirely in gray, this interior is definitely not what one would call “gloomy”, but a room inspiring sumptuousness and an overall appealing feel. We invite you to have a look at the photos in this post and leave your opinions regarding the colors and arrangements the designer chose for this apartment. Do you find this design approach impressive or too extravagant?