We would like to share with you today a special project – a fantastic modern house that was impeccably designed out of many different elements. Architectural finishes, furniture and furnishings participate in the construction of this modern and comfortable residential space. The Bilt House’s design is captured from different vantage points by the talented photographer Tim van de Velde. What seems to be a pyramid-inspired construction shelters a chic collection of spaces designed to convince the inhabitants that this is the perfect custom home for them. With carefully planned corners and a large, bright floor plan, the Bilt House we found on Living with White explores living opportunities: “This house has a distinct, autonomous and geometrical design, by which it wants to dialogue with its environment. By its form, the house distinguishes itself from the environment, but also makes a dialogue trough the open structure and by embedding itself into the soil. The pyramidal design gave the architect the chance to embody all these elements, although the first trigger of the design was of more practical nature. Building regulations told him to design a typical saddle roof. Bending the rules, this was his result. On the inside, the owner of the house made his own universe. Being an artist and a collectionneur of vintage design he meticulously gives all his objects the right place. The place is not overwhelmed, but has a nice collection of furniture, objects and exchanged pieces of art.”