The Cobogó House was designed by Brazillian architect Marcio Kogan of StudioMK27 and displays an original exterior and layout. The residence consists of three levels. The bottom one opens towards a veranda and a small picturesque lake, through floor to ceiling glass doors. This way, the large living room is connected to the beautiful outdoor landscape. The second and third levels are visually contrasting. Rectangular bands of vertical wooden planks are used to “shield” the house from sunlight on the second floor, while this function is taken over by a white patterned volume when it comes to the third level. Come night time, this place strongly shines in the dark and its architecture can be subject to further interpretation. The interior design is highly modern and the overall feeling is that of space. Have a look at the photos and tell us if you find this home appealing or too diverse for your tastes. Photography by Nelson Kon]