Cloud no 9 Residence was designed by Australia studio Andrew Simpson Architects and is located in Melbourne,Australia. The project is a conversion of a stable building and warehouse into a stylish contemporary home. Here is an excerpt from the official architects’ description:“The conversion required a response that balanced the heritage value of the existing building (which had been deemed individually significant), with the desire of the client for a high tech environmentally sustainable house that reflected their needs as a tight-knit family. The home’s geometry forms an underlying system of organization for the house in both plan and section. The main stables area is a large open plan volume where functions are delineated by 360 degree free standing joinery. A winding mezzanine extends overhead, maintaining visual connection between the two levels to reinforce the notion that this is a house that celebrates “family” as a form of social engagement or gemeinschaft.” Have a look at the photos below and enjoy this project’s unique architecture and interior design features.