Sometimes luck has little to do with creating a fabulous piece of furniture. This is the case of the versatile piece you are about to admire. We recently received these photos of the Cóm-oda from Spanish design studio Mr. Simon. These words from the designer could not express the complexity of this piece, but will give you the basic idea about its functions: “Cóm-oda is a set of folding chairs that, when they are not in use, they form a new element of furniture. In this way we try to give them another function and take advantage of those chairs that spend most of the time folded and hidden in any corner of the house.” Launched during the Valencia Disseny Week 2011 last week, the Cóm-oda will attract admiration for both the concept and the result. Here are a few words about the design studio: “Mr. Simon is a character made ??up of all the ideas and efforts of the members of the team. He is the one in charge; he makes all the decisions and determines what’s on. Mr. Simon focuses his efforts exclusively on developing graphic and product design projects, working with professionals from other disciplines if the project requires it. Its aim is to carry out projects based on a solid concept, considering that aesthetics are also important. Giving a simple and synthetic approach, continuous research is crucial to produce a good design. Mr. Simon uses experimentation as a tool to explore new forms of communication.”