KIT pavilion was designed by Japanese Architects Atelier K and is located in Kyoto, Japan. The building was especially designed as an office and meeting space for the Kyoto Institute of Technology. A giant cantilevered roof creates a dramatic visual effect and differentiates the project from its surrounding buildings. According to the architects, the multi-functional design “draws from and integrates the adjacent landscaping into the conditions of the interior. To the south, an ‘active yard’ consisting of a curvilinear ramp becomes the approach path to the entrance, while a ‘static yard’ finished with a carpet of white sand is tucked into the layout with three rooms arranged around it. Clearly read from the exterior as a folded surface, the roof and wall form cuts away sections of its elevation to enable natural daylight to enter from the west.” The interior design is clean and tasteful, with lovely modern arrangements, creating an environment that is highly fit for professional discussions. [Photography by Taizo Furukawa]