Vila Castela was designed by Anastasia Architects and is an original looking modern home located in Nova Lima, Brazil. The cantilevered volumes are a result of the site characteristics: “We have chosen this concept not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all to reduce the interference of the building mass in the topography, keeping the site as natural as possible. As we placed the ground level of the residence 7 meters below the street , we were able to preserve the pedestrian view of the forest, at the same time that keeping the privacy of the owners, because the main apertures and the glass walls are oriented to the east, on the opposite side of the street. The urban impact of the residence is minimized, in benefit of the beautiful view of the woods“. According to the architects, the total constructed area is 650 sq meters and the residence has three floors: the basement with sauna, Jacuzzi, and an wine cellar, the ground floor (living area and the kitchen and external terrace) and the first floor, where the bedrooms are located. We have to know: do you find the geometry of this residence appealing?