Euryalus Street House is a contemporary project recently completed by Australian studio Luigi Rosselli Architects. The impressive residence is located in Mosman, a suburb on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. Here is a description from the architects: The plan of this house has two distinct wings and a narrow connection between the two. The connection contains a transparent stainless steel and glass stair suspended over an inside/outside pond and is washed by abundant light from a skylight above. The larger wing is rectangular and rationally planned, the shorter wing is the more irregularly shaped curved section of the house. The front and rear facades are well mannered and integrate the garage and pool seamlessly, having a positive impact to its neighborhood. With its northerly elevated location, it takes advantage of the cooling north easterly breezes, and good solar access. The house is not air-conditioned and is designed to keep cool in summer with ample shutter-controlled natural lighting and ventilation, and has two substantial rainwater tanks for irrigation, toilet cisterns and pool top-up use.” Have a look at the plans of the house in the last two photos for details and let us know if you’re impressed.