Small properties can eventually become the perfect place to call home. Displaying nothing but modernity in both architecture and style, the Wrap House located in the East End of Aspen fascinates with a simple and bold interior design. Part of a Historic Lot Split, the residence had to comply with some strict regulations, being  “required to ‘respond’ to its immediate Swiss-Style neighbor in its massing, proportions and materials“. The three-story house displays a playful mix of building materials that allows the shape to visually connect to its surroundings. A floating staircase connects the three floors, but it also cares to the needs for natural lighting – it “serves as a light shaft to the lower level with its open detailing and lightThe public upper level is wrapped by a large walkway serving two decks and there is a spiral staircase from the rear deck that accesses the rooftop terrace. This walkway provides privacy for the house and acts as a roof for the entry into the house.” All these details were provided by the architects, Aspen-based Studio B Architects. Enjoy the photos!