The 4×30 House was designed by CR2 Arquitetos and FGMF Architects and is located  in São Paulo, Brazil. According to the information from the official project description, “the story began more as a challenge rather than as an architectural project. How make the entire program of a house fit in that 4x30m lot, relying on a few illuminated surfaces? From the tiny Japanese and Dutch houses, we have borrowed more than the certainty that it would be possible to take advantage of the little space in a creative manner. The search for natural illumination and ventilation conditioned the emphasis on the central garden, cut in the constructed volume in order to create three façades generously bathed in light. United by a footbridge around the garden, two blocks of different sizes organize the functions of the house and require residents to enjoy the green on all displacements. The larger block focuses the living room and kitchen on the ground floor and the bedrooms upstairs; the smaller one contains supporting environments such as service area, office and vertical circulation of the house“. We love the idea of this project are pleasantly surprised by the result. How do you find it?