House 6 was designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Koga and is located in São Paulo, Brazil. With an impressive architecture, the residence was especially designed for a family who wanted their home to be “covered” on the exterior. Here is a description from the project developers: “In the House 6 project, the idea of the veranda has been reinvented. The veranda of House 6, nonetheless, still remains an open space and, simultaneously, opens to the garden and the pool. It is a living room, a TV room and an extension of the internal kitchen. This space, then, structured the entire architecture of the house, organized in two transversal volumes and an annex in the back that holds a home office. The lower volume houses the utilities, the kitchen and the living room with door-frames that can be recessed into the walls, and thereby entirely opening the internal space to either side.  This sets the cross-ventilation and an unfettered contiguous view of the garden.  The upper volume has the private area of the house with the bedrooms and, on the third floor there is a small multiple-use living room alongside an upper deck. How do you appreciate the design of this contemporary home?