The Church – Jett Residence comes from studio John DeSalvo Design and is a 1,400 square foot two story home located near Lake Michigan in Michigan City, Indiana, USA. The house was especially designed for a couple who wanted a modern and sustainable retreat, in order to escape the Chicago urban jungle. According to the architects, “the result is a rectangular volume that maximizes the interior space by building up to the required setbacks and height allowances. It’s wood frame and open joist construction is a 16 feet wide, 48 feet long and 23 feet high volume with an additional block at the back for bathrooms, laundry and storage. The entire structure is stabilized and supported by the massive poured in place, rough finish concrete hearth that forms the structural support and heart of the home. To keep the roof terrace shaded, sun shades top off the structure. Their sculptural from not only softens the geometry of the home but recall the sail vocabulary of the boats on the lake. The triangular custom fabricated panels made from Mermet exterior mesh shade material are pulled in tension with sail fittings that are fastened to steel posts secured to the parapet walls”. How do you find this unusual idea for sun shades?