In case you ever wanted to go camping on water, here is a practical idea. The Sealander, designed by German industrial designer Daniel Straub, is a recreational trailer with amphibious features. Which means it can take you places on land, but also on water. Seen on NOTCOT, the unusual vehicle was built using glass-fiber enhanced materials and a waterproof transportation system, which allows it to literally float on the water. It is also equipped with an external motor, so no rowing is needed. By the time this ingenious design gets on the market, you will be able to camp both on water and dry land. We particularly like the fact that the roof can come off, allowing the users to enjoy the sky at night. The Sealander will be available in 2012 and it is estimated to cost around 12.000€. Have a look at the presentation video below to see this lovely amphibious caravan in action.