Designer Michael Samoriz of Ukraine-based Umbra Design Studio came up with this chair that constructs a new idea when it comes to seating unit design. Created as an elegant silhouette of the well-known seating unit, the Outline Chair displays a fantastic shape that compliments a modern home. In his search for this particular design, Michael Samoriz used simple, clean lines to create the “elegant chair, side path which looks like a closed line.” The chair can have a mix of different colours – this creates the opportunity of matching it with your personalized interior design. Whether you like the cut-out version or the one that showcases a duo of materials, the Outline Chair displays a distinctive design that differentiates itself from similar products. This chair can surely find a place in your home as long as you are willing to explore modern chair design and proudly display interesting and creative seating elements like this one in a corner of your home. Take a second to imagine where you would place the Outline Chair and share with us your ideas in the comments section below. We’d love to hear it!