Celio Apartment was designed by Italian architect Carola Vannini and is located near the famous Colosseum in Rome, Italy. With a total budget of €250.000, this 2,580 square foot loft was recently renovated in a beautiful minimalist manner. Here is more from the designer: “The client’s main need of opening the space toward the outside landscape, generated a design characterized by light and airy rooms. Several windows have been reopened, and the interior distribution has been changed in order to create multiple perspectives. Main space of the day area is the kitchen volume, which is in direct relation with both the entrance and the living room. The living room has a minimal flair, and its furniture (designed by the architect) creates a balance with the interior architecture. The lighting system has been carefully studied in order to emphasize perspectives and space depth. A direct relation with the exterior area is underlined by the wooden floor that extends from the interior space into the balcony. The kitchen has a sculptural valence, which partially hides its real function.”  Definitely not what the Rome Colosseum would inspire, but a lovely home nonetheless.