Taylor Donsker has recently sent us two of his latest designs: The Tilted Concrete Sofa and Coffee Table. Here is the full description we received from the designer:  “This project was an experimentation with the strength and plasticity of concrete, seeking to achieve a smooth finish with a thin profile.  The design utilizes a calculated angle, for comfort in the seating position, to inform the design, resulting in a tilted profile.  It is held together by interlocking pieces and gravity, no bolts. Commissioned by a client for outdoor use, the Tilted Concrete Sofa utilizes high strength concrete, fibers, and steel mesh reinforcement to span seven feet with a thin profile.  The tilted armrest and backrest give functional character to the piece, causing users to lean back at a calculated angle for comfort.  To make construction simpler, the sofa is reduced to four pieces that interlock with the thicker armrest, held together by gravity.  Each table support has two different sides, roughly following the same design, but unique due to their hand crafted nature.  They resemble the natural variations found in the  concrete sofa as well as the reflection of water, responding to the table’s poolside surroundings”. Intriguing street furniture, wouldn’t you say?