The Moinian And Meili Residence  by architect Felix Oesch is a dream home for the owners. Located close to the center of Eglisau, a town close to Zurich, Germany, the house sits on a sloped terrain. Home to a couple with design backgrounds, Christof Meili and Farzaneh Moinian and their young daughter, the residence displays a modern architecture designed to take full advantage of the opportunities expressed by the lot located between Schaffhauser Strasse, which links Switzerland to Germany, and the Rhine River. Capturing panoramic views of the river below while reducing the noise coming from the busy street, the architect constructed the modern, minimal concrete house the couple dreamed of in such a way that the kitchen, dining, and living space trio – with a partially covered deck in between – offers panoramic views of the Rhine. A second living room and two bedrooms lie on the ground floor, with an interesting bathroom that displays a mirrored image of itself and can be compartmentalized when the child grown and needs more privacy. Each detail was carefully designed to offer the inhabitants maximum comfort.