Clavel Arquitectos completed the impressive 180 square meter Casanueva Pharmacy in Murcia, Spain. The overall feel of this place is vivid and futuristic. We like to think of it as having a design that can make you forget all about your sickness, even though that would not be good for business. Here is a project description from the architects: “The entire building seems to lean on a 3d façade, shaped with the text “FARMACIA”, making up a double height shop window. This element marks not only the use and identity of the pharmacy, but also provides the necessary solar protection, since the main façade faces west. The sign that lights up at night is only understandable from a certain distance, changing into an abstract form when viewed from far away”. Inside, behind the sign, a green metallic slat cladding descends from the ceiling through the back wall down to the floor, joining to the same color epoxy-resin pavement, all together working as a background for the sales furniture: self-illuminated glossy-white tubular elements in five levels, that seem to float and divide the space into different areas.” To us, it has a very fresh approach. How do you find this pharmacy design?