Designed by Dutch architects Gaaga, the contemporary V-House in Leiden, Netherlands, showcases an asymmetric design, beautifully integrated with the busy urban surroundings. The single family residence benefits from an interesting encouragement from the planning comity of the neighborhood: each owner can shape the architecture of the house as they see fit. This led to constructing a fascinating, iconic v-shaped roof for the V-House. The neighboring residences seem to be part of a modern display of architectural styles, so it only seems fair that the V-House differentiates itself. A white stucco facade makes the introductions to the interiors, where the inhabitants enjoy a nine by ten meter floor plan on two levels. Wooden ceiling and a wood staircase stand out once you enter the house, then the attention is canalized on the interesting floor plan. The first floor features a sitting room, the bedroom and bathroom, while the second L-shaped floor showcases the kitchen, living and dining spaces. So, after careful consideration of the information and photos, please feel free to let us know how many of you consider this residence a modern dream home.