The Harrison Street Residences were designed by by Dawson+Clinton design and build firm. The multi-family residential building is located in in San Francisco, California. Seamlessly connecting the interior and exterior spaces, the design of this residential building proves that multi-unit residences have a specific charm in an urban neighborhood. Created for one of the owners at Dawson+Clinton, the home of Paul Dawson and his young growing family was completed in three years. Basing the design on the family needs – especially on what it takes to raise two young children aged 3 and 5 in an urban setting – the Harrison Street Residence was built to offer as much safe space for outdoor activities and as much entertaining space on the inside. In addition to this, the roof deck allows the parents to keep an eye on the children as they enjoy the back garden. The bright interior spaces were especially created to be open and durable, to endure the games of growing children. This residence displays a modern, high-quality environment for a young family while looking contemporary and youthful.