Summerhill Residence, designed by San Francisco-based architectural studio Edmonds + Lee Architects, showcases its three separate volumes in a successful attempt to break architectural monotony. Covering over 4,000 square feet, the house shelters living, entertaining and relaxation spaces surrounded by the hills of California wine country. Located in Kenwood, in the Sonoma County, the Summerhill Residence fascinates with a suite of volumes, decks and patios that form a modern weekend getaway. Wishing for the surroundings to be as much part of the house as the interior spaces, the architects constructed the three volumes as a logical structure displaying wood and glass facades: the main living volume, the guest volume and the garage, all interconnected. The inhabitants are a couple living in San Francisco who wanted to enjoy the rural benefits in a modern setting. Sliding and swing door connect the interior and exterior spaces and intentionally blur the lines between the two. Fabulous weekend retreat, don’t you think?