Proudly displaying a modern design, the G House welcomes its inhabitants and their guests with a fascinating approach to contemporary residential architecture. Designed to respect the singularities of the property, the “layout departs from the site’s recognition and also from the willingness to conquer the terrain after understanding its solar paths“. No wonder the residence is a contemporary display of modern materials and carefully studied spaces – the architects of Agraz Arquitectos created the rooms and intersection of volumes as a means of communicating with the surroundings while benefiting from natural light wherever possible. The main living spaces – kitchen, living room, dining room – have a south-eastern orientation, while the hallway receives light from a series of effective ceiling slots. Two exceptional design elements meet to create an interesting effect: the marble rugged wooden staircase, accentuated by a vivid red wall construct a fascinating space when caressed by natural light. The master bedroom and two additional guest bedrooms upstairs – each with relaxing garden views – welcome tired individuals and offer an oasis of stress-free interior spaces. How do you like this residence in Valle Real, Zapopan, Mexico?