This contemporary 1,300 square foot cabin was designed by Stuart Silk Architects and is located on Lopez Island in Washington State. The building accommodates a living area plus kitchen, two small bedrooms bedrooms and two bathrooms. According to the architects, “a single shed roof cantilevers over this space, evoking a sense of protection and blurring the distinction between interior and exterior.The material selections and construction methods emphasize economy, low maintenance, and energy conservation.  Slab-on-grade construction is used for the interior flooring and adjacent terraces, simplifying construction and minimizing the use of raw materials. Corrugated metal siding and locally-sourced ground face concrete block (used in the interior spaces as well as the exterior) are durable, economical and true to the cabin aesthetic. Site disturbance is strictly localized, allowing for only minor construction grading that follows the natural contours of the site and preserves natural vegetation The concrete block walls and floor also serve as a thermal mass, regulating the interior temperature by storing daytime heat and releasing it at night“. How do you find this modern approach of a traditional cabin?