We’ve seen quite a few works of ingenious architecture, enough to state this is one of them. Keret House is a project envisioned by Jakub Szcz?sny of Centrala, soon to be developed in a narrow void between the buildings on 22 Ch?odna Street and 74 ?elazna Street in the district of Wola, Poland. Keret House is said to have an interior that will vary between 122 centimeters and 72 centimeters, making it an extremely narrow crib. With a total area of 14,5 square meters, the new house will accommodate a workspace as well as a guest studio. The project was especially created for Isreali writer Etgar Keret who believes this type of interior will provide great work conditions. In case you were wondering, electricity will be ensured by a neighboring building. And yes, the stairs will be retractable and controllable through a remote. Even though we are intrigued by this original living solution, you have to admit such a design is not for everybody. How do you find it?