Casa Codina was designed by A4estudio and is an impressive 4,305 square foot home located in Mendoza, Argentina. According to the architects, “the house is planned around an interior central courtyard, opening the main spaces to a large lateral garden. The big concrete wall that emerges from the central courtyard, with the fundamental mission of protecting the house from solar radiation from the west, also ends by opening the access area. To protect the west façade, a micro perforated aluminum material was chosen to ventilate it. The same material was used to design the main façade of the house. The result is a project full of contrast, where the dramatic scope of access, from where you can only see ground and sky, faces to an open and deep interior space, where multiple instances can be understood visually, where everything seems to be simultaneous in space and time…” For a better understanding of the structure of Casa Codina, be sure to check out the plans at the end of the post.