The Westlake Drive house was designed by James D. LaRue Architects and is located a hillside landscape, in Austin, Texas. Here is a description from the architects concerning its design and structure: “This 4,722 square foot home consists of three separate building structures, each housing different functions but all flawlessly connected by bridges, breezeways and ‘streets’. A cantilevered steel entry bridge hovers over an impressive, cave stone covered retaining wall creating a sunken garden below with a cool continuous breeze. An abundance of windows, a glass enclosed bridge to the Master Suite and a glass lined stairwell allow for golf course views from nearly every room while erasing the separation of indoors and outdoors.  Stone walls that continue from the exterior to interior, lend in drawing nature inside. Complete with a pool, outdoor kitchen, fireplaces and several seating areas, the outdoor living space blends naturally with the surrounding environment creating a modern but warm appearance. Despite the challenging terrain, this sophisticated, Texas contemporary home merges with ease into the hillside presenting a sophisticated look to the passing golfers while enjoying a coveted view of the golf course“. We are interested in knowing your opinions regarding the exterior of this imposing residence. Do you enjoy stone walls more than contemporary glass & concrete designs?