The Residence Zanzibar was designed by design firm HBA / Hirsch Bedner Associates and is a fascinating resort located on a remote corner of the island of Zanzibar. Here is the information we were recently sent by the project developers: “Stretching over 80 acres, the 66 villas designed by HBA boast a colonial theme and draw inspiration from the Swahili, Omani, British and Indian cultures present in Zanzibar. Each villa has its own oasis with a private terrace and swimming pool, but the structures remain modern and natural, fitting in with the surroundings. David T’Kint and Hazlin Ahmad, HBA Associates noted, “We found Zanzibar to be a great resource for inspiration and sourced many of the artifacts and furnishings in the villas from local markets and shops.” All pieces of furniture at The Residence Zanzibar are a mix of cultures reflecting the various influences in Zanzibar’s history.  For example, the four poster bed in the villas are reminiscent of British style and is flanked by two nightstands inspired by Indian forms and materials such as beaten metal.  In the bathroom, the vanity counter was custom designed to integrate simplified Swahili patterns while the wall sconces were drawn from traditional Omani motifs.

Locally sourced artifacts found throughout The Residence include hand-painted artwork with various scenes of Zanzibar as well as commissioned photographs of Dhows – the Arab sailing vessel.  All of the buildings house a collection of interesting items including carved trunks in the Lobby, oversized Omani tea and coffee kettles in the Pavilion Restaurant, traditional Stonetown doors in the Dining Room and local handmade vases in The Spa. In the villas, HBA used a color scheme of white and delicate shades of beige with honey colored woods and sandy tiles.  The result is a romantic and distinct setting where guests can indulge in a sophisticated environment.” Find it summer-inspiring?