Design Studio Quarterre have launched their first range of Furniture For Bikes, which can still be seen at the cult East London cyclists’ hub, at the London Design Festival 2011. Here is some information from the press release we were sent: “Designed to support everyday life on two wheels, these premium pieces unite cycling culture with interior design.The four Quarterre designers hail from multi-disciplinary backgrounds including automotive design. Driven by personal passions for cycling, the designers sought to address the challenges of owning a bike in an urban environment. Applying their technical expertise and knowledge of materials to bike storage, Quarterre has crafted this range of sculptural stands with a meticulous and measured eye. Rather than bikes creating assault courses in hallways, being relegated to the shed or the office back room, Quarterre’s range of stands are effective and highly aesthetic storage solutions designed to seamlessly and elegantly integrate cycling with work or home environments”. Do you find these ideas practical? What other bike storage solutions did you come across lately?