We ran across this lovely 105 square meter apartment in Barcelona that draws attention due to a vivid design and an original house plan. Designed by Miel Arquitectos, this crib inspires joyfulness and energy. The house is organized around a diagonal axis and on both sides, the rooms follow one another creating triangular shapes that ensure originality. It is interesting how the designer chose to go with an abundance of color while leaving the walls white. This way, the contrast is absolutely charming and the rooms are not overcrowded. There are plenty of details that you may find inspiring about this crib, starting with the creative staircase, the spiral shelving unit on the wall or the “liquid” hanger near the main entrance door. We also like where the stairs lead- a small, creative space that each can use in their own way (perhaps a reading corner could be well integrated here). Enjoy! [Photography: Nuria Vila]