Van Der merwe Miszewski Architects have recently completed a lovely architecture project called Mountain House and located near Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa. The residence has an original and captivating exterior. According to the architects, “the house is comprised of five pavilions which are tucked into the sloping terrain surrounded by the existing natural fynbos which stretches from the mountain slopes above the site to the road below. The five pavilions mimic the lie of the land and lie like leaves that have fallen down the mountain.The pavilions are in sympathy with the surrounding context in order to achieve as little visual impact as possible on the existing natural landscape“. Once inside, guest will observe that the surrounding natural landscape is brought indoors: “Habitable spaces have been created by using the age-old tradition of inserting stone walls into the landscape, thereby creating usable terraces and platforms. The colours of these stone walls emulate those of the cliffs of Table Mountain above and its presence anchors the design into the landscape”. Have a look at this serene looking home and tell us what you think!