Forget boring dinners but watch your step! The Marbelous Dining Table can enhance your interaction with this kind of furniture. Featuring carved tracks for shinny marbles, the dining table’s design guides each marble down to its base. Designed by young Dutch design studio Ontwerpduo, the Marbelous Dining Table is made out of maple wood. One of the designers, Tineke Beunders, describes the inspiration for the fantastic dining table: “The world of adults furniture and the world children’s toys don’t seem to belong together. From my childhood I remember it was always exiting to combine these two. I used the woodcarvings of furniture as a playfield for my puppets, to play in a new world. With this feeling in mind we created a concept for a new piece of furniture.” This is how the Marbelous Dining Table came in existence – a combination of beautiful craftsmanship and fun marble tracks that keep you relaxed and allows you to enjoy each marble sliding down to the bottom of the table. Scroll down to see a video of the table and enjoy the photos taken by Lisa Klappe.