Natural Systems Domination is an original art installation invoking nature. The project was developed by design firm Tres Birds and here is an official description: “Domination implies taking over. If we had it our way, natural systems would dominate entirely. Natural systems operate in perfect efficiency. Humans are both part of those natural systems and also somehow separate (by choice). The further we stray from connections with nature, the more alien we become. Tres Birds Workshop was commissioned to concept, design and build an art installation in Downtown Denver for the purpose of encouraging people out of their offices for daily fresh air breaks. We highly recommend it. The installation made up of part vintage office furniture and part 100% live vegetation reminds us not to let office overgrowth affect a healthy relationship with the outdoors. All of the vegetation used in the installation were reused + recycled afterward“. We have to say we were pleasantly surprised to see this art installation integrated in an urban center and are curious to see your reactions.