It’s about time these Hyperrealistic Paintings took the stage. Created by Tos Kostermans, a talented Netherlands-based artist – these remarkable paintings display the modern world as seen by an artist with a sense of humour. Painted in a combination of acrylics and oils, the art pieces were gathered in a collection named “Bold and Beautiful” in which “pretty women are playing the leading role and in which the man is often a minor role. Success, politics, prosperity, crisis, jealousy, in short, everything in life we are facing is addressed in the pictures.” Featuring Silvio Berlusconi, Mr. Creosote, Jack Nicholson, Tiger Woods, Scarlett Johannson, Keith Richards and others, most of the pieces in the collection are inspired by “the life in Puerto Banus, a small harbour village in the south of Spain where Tos has his studio.” The natural look and lifelike yet vivid colours used by the artist create a highly realistic feeling. Tos Kostermans‘ creativity is based on his surrounding world:”His inspiration for the diverse subjects of his other paintings, comes from his surroundings and his own awareness of life around him.” As the artist himself says, “it is all about life and humoristic situations.