The award-winning “Echos” furniture collection was developed by Zurich- based Swiss studio Pour Les Alpes in response to a competition initiated by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. Designed to express a tribute to the Swiss Alps, the pieces display a design rooted in the alpine culture. The two young designers, Tina Stieger and Annina Gähwiler, managed to push the apparent boundaries of modern design by creating unusual shapes and interactions with their pieces of furniture. Echos furniture series by Pour Les Alpes displays three chests of drawers: “Ehrfurcht” (Reverence), “Neugierde” (Curiosity) and “Sehnsucht” (Desire). Three artisanal techniques still present in the Swiss alpine region were used to create three different chests: shingle-making, wood-carving and lace-making. Enjoy the pieces inspired from deeply rooted artisan techniques.