The classic combination of black and white has come a long way since the early designs. Modern interior designers search for ways to make the two non-colours intertwine in the most spectacular ways. The Club luxury hotel is the proof that great design does not necessarily need colours to accentuate interesting shapes and patterns. Located in Singapore, the hotel combines traditional and modern design, creating a meeting point for two sources of inspiration: “The first is Singapore’s colonial past, which we have made modern tongue-in-cheek references to through art installation like features such as an larger-than-life statue of Raffles with his head in the clouds as well as through some key furniture pieces and artifacts. The second inspiration was drawn from the area’s popularity as a remittance center for turn of the century Chinese immigrants where hard earned money and wistful letters were sent back to the homeland.” The designer, Colin Seah of Ministry of Design, discovered a fantastic confluence of the “modern day nomad and the nomad of yesterday“, which he captured in the design of the hotel. Welcoming its guest with 22 unique rooms, a rooftop skybar and a tapas bar on the ground floor, The Club encompasses great design and luxurious features all in one place. Do you like it or you think that the bold colour combination is too much?