The Browne Street House spreads over 330 square meters on an urban lot in Brisbane, Australia as a modern reinterpretation of Queenslander architectural typology, showing the evolution of local style. Designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects, the house displays forms that meet and intersect to create volumes and voids that shape the residence into a interesting collection of architectural elements. The first floor features the kitchen as the main space connecting all the other rooms – the heart of the house. Upstairs, three bedrooms and a family room compose the private areas. Timber details on both the interiors and exterior facade visually connect the house to its surroundings and inspirational architecture style. Wooden slates and a black wood privacy screen sheltering the master bedroom construct a themed appearance, while large glazed windows and openings connect the interior spaces with the exterior surroundings. The sloped terrain helped guide the design of the garage under the floor containing bedrooms. As you can see, the residence keeps a strong visual connection with the surrounding architecture, integrating in the Australian architectural landscape.