We found these awesome armchairs at Click for Art, where they have a wide range of pieces from many designers. The three throne designs can be shipped worldwide, so anyone can enjoy them. Made in limited edition, the Whimsical World Throne by designer Caramelaw, the Slipstream Throne by Dan Baldwin and the Maria Throne by Sylvia Ji all have something special. Each chair depicts a different design and style. “We only produce 33 of each design – Each sequentially numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity that is printed on the bottom of the chair” and signed by the artist, so hurry up and get one if you just love them. I would if I had that much money to spend on thrones: £1595. Printed on faux suede, the designs ensure a fascinating focal point in any room. The thrones can also be printed on genuine leather. Hand carved mahogany frames are available in white or black gloss lacquer finishes. The upholstery is also hand crafted using traditional methods. They have a pretty appealing offer in customisation of the armchair.