The Le Source Spa in the Lanaudière region of Quebec, Canada, has three main features that integrate its modern architecture in the surroundings: the placement on a mountainside, the use of natural building materials and the panoramic views captured by framed windows. Montreal-based firm Blouin Tardif Architecture-Environnement were the masterminds behind the concept of this spa. Three levels covering 800 square meters welcome guests with a reception area that guides clientele to the thirteen massage spaces and two new lounges of the establishment. Integrating the architecture of the spa in the surroundings proved to be a challenge for the architects – respect for the topography and conserving the trees around was the base of the design. Each floor was divided into two levels, better incorporated in the mountainside, and the main stairway – framed by rough concrete walls – links all floors. A wooden passage way overlooking the forest welcomes guests and guides them to the interiors. The exterior cladding in wood features metallic framed windows and the L-shaped green roof offers protection from weather for the outdoor walkways and patio. Guests will surely be impressed by the architecture and services.