We recently received an interesting project from Japanese designer Masayuki Todate, called Desktop Chair. Here is the official description from the project developer: “While we enjoy the mobility of laptop, some of us still use desktops to work efficiently and comfortably. Hand made with fine natural basswood, Desktop Chair simply holds your Apple laptop and turns it into a desktop machine with an external display, a keyboard and a mouse (or trackpad). Desktop Chair fits virtually all Apple laptops with a height of 1.2” (30mm) or less, regardless of the shape, with or without a cover, now and the future. And of course for tablets. Simply connect your Apple laptop with an external monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. Your laptop will run with the lid closed. Apple calls it “Closed Clamshell Mode” (cable adaptor may be needed). Now your laptop works as a desktop, allowing you to work comfortably by raising your eye level for better posture, less strain on your eyes, neck and back”. Find it useful?