The Nendo Elecom Faucet Stand for iPhone and iPad is the most interesting idea seen this week. An exploration into the world of versatile design and creative, functional ideas – the iPad and iPhone stand shaped like a faucet with water running down into a rippled base is both relaxing and exciting in equal measures. Made from polycarbonate plastic with ABS faucet parts, the stand draws attention like no other – its crisp design surpasses similar gadgets and fabricates a new path for creative iPad and iPhone stands. Clearly the one with the deepest impact is the faucet coloured in blue – it resembles water pouring out of the faucet so much that it can be successfully used as a freestanding decorative object that will become the centre of attention. Also available in black, white or clear, the faucet stand was designed for Elecom by Japanese studio Nendo. No information on the cost or date of release yet, but we’ll be waiting for this one.