Flavaboom frozen yogurt shop was designed by Dune (also responsible for the interior graphics) and is located in Manhattan, New York. We decided to present this project on Freshome, because we consider it quite original, not to mention inviting. According to retail design blog, the concept for this unique yogurt store is an ultramodern, futuristic laboratory. We really appreciate the color palette, and consider it to be a key factor of attraction, especially for children and adolescent girls. The 1500-square foot shop also features numerous light shows also aimed at attracting passers-by. The materials used to decorate the interiors were very well chosen: vibrant pink faux-leather, plum-hued mirrors and other interesting details fill up the place creating an original atmosphere: “There is an indestructible quality to the materials.Being eco-conscience means not needing to redo a project. Longevity was a key factor.”, asserted Richard Shemtov, president and founder of Dune. [Photography by Albert Vecerka ]