The Gallery House in San Francisco, California represents the merger of art and lifestyle. It is an art-loving couple’s paradise flooded with natural light. Sheltering a semi-public art gallery and a residence for two avid art collectors, the Gallery House displays a modern representation of how art should be cared for. Each space represents the inhabitants’ love for artistic expressions from exclusively female contemporary artists. The street-level gallery displays personal collections and collections of friends. The next two floors displaying art and the penthouse sculpture garden are connected to the private spaces allowing the visitors to experience even the lifestyle of the inhabitants. An open floor plan allows art-interested people to capture bits of the art world in both the public and the private sense. The envelope of the house protects it from the cold fog, but also opens it up to sun and breeze. Skylights draw natural light in and offer glimpses of the night sky. Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects really outdone themselves by creating this architectural hybrid, haven’t they?