Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design have completed Mlicki Offices, a complex architecture project located in Ohio, USA. According to the architects, “the goal of this 6800 square foot commercial office renovation project was to recycle a pair of older, historic structures, giving them a new identity and purpose while retaining their historic character, an important part of the brand of Mlicki strategic design firm. After a careful and thorough analysis of the options of renovation or rebuilding, JBAD helped the owners determine that reshaping the existing structures and making selective deletions and additions would best achieve a balance between old and new and an efficient and sustainable reuse of these buildingsThe structures are connected with a visually and functionally unifying entry and atrium, a fractured spherical void carved from the center, and sections of the roofs raised to increase interior daylight and space“. The result is a modern reorganization, with many of the initial details kept intact. How do you find this type of architecture approach?