Studio B Architects designed this home – Nove 1 – in Aspen, Colorado. The project consists of two adjoined and related cousins on a corner site and is often thought of as a ‘sibling rivalry’. The opportunity given by the clients brought a new way of looking at architecture: the creative minds behind this project separated the two individual houses with a concrete demising wall designed to rise up from the sand. A strong relation between the two properties can be seen in the architecture and interior design. Trying to overcome the privacy issues, the architects from Studio B Architecture created a pattern for the windows, ensuring privacy for the inhabitants of each house, for each level and terrace. Using beautifully composed architectural elements, the architects created modern facades for both buildings: “The exterior material palate is simple yet elegant and is comprised of Italian marble slabs, mahogany siding with reveal details adding a depth to the skin and aluminum-clad doors and windows.” The interiors seem mirrored and offer both a wide, double-height space for everyday living and entertaining. The walls are thus perfect for art collections proudly displayed. Wooden floors and carefully selected furniture create a welcoming ambiance in each home. How do you feel about these mirroring houses?