This exceptional interior design can inspire you to see what your home needs in order to look like a Mallorcan style townhouse. Featured today is the sun flooded residence located in Mallorca – a home that was inspired by the inhabitant’s love for the weather here. Travelling for many years from Sweden to Mallorca, the couple currently living here decided that it was time to move to the island and enjoy its magnificent array of features. There were four people involved in shaping this home: architect Alexander Von Waberer, interior designer Isabel Jover, surveyor Juan Carlos Sopena and engineer José Fermoselle. The brief included concise needs: a comfortable home away from stressful urban developments, with a modern architecture and impressive views from every room. Estudio Dai 10 managed to create a personalized space that encompasses austere decor and lacks unnecessary ornaments. High quality materials were used throughout, and the villa was adapted to the rugged terrain – creating a successful collection of interior and exterior spaces that remain connected by a multitude of terraces and windows. Wouldn’t you like to move to Mallorca, too?