Are you tired of throwing parties that don’t feel unique or involve any imagination? Personalizing your party will be fun for you to plan and throw, and your guests will love to join you. Depending on your entertaining style, and where you want to hold your party, the choices are endless! First, choose a time of year, a guest list and follow these simple tips to personalize a perfect party!

  • Decide on a budget: Anyone can plan the perfect party, but the reality of being able to afford your dream party and reality may not be in alignment! Determine how much you want to spend in three categories: *Refreshments *Entertainment *Decorations/Venue. For some one or more of these categories may not be significant so you can allot more money to the remaining categories. Firm numbers aren’t necessary, but an approximate budget will keep you happy, after the party.
  • Choose a theme: Often parties lack interest because they don’t have a theme. Themes can range from simple character/masquerade parties to dramatic mystery murder parties! Ask friends and family that are going to participate in the party to help you brainstorm. The more interactive your guests can become with the execution of your theme, the more personalized and enjoyable it will be for all.
  • Inviting guests: In this modern electronic age the easiest and fastest way to invite a group of people is electronically. Whether through an electronic invitation service or by email/social media outlets. If you decide to become more personalized with your invitation than using the traditional paper and envelopes, then opt for small plastic bottles with the invitation rolled inside for a beach party. Other options could include having a messenger hand deliver your invitations or customizing your invitations by your theme.
  • Entertainment: If you are having a beach party or location based party, the decorations/venue and entertainment may all come together in one package.  You will still need to put thought to activities your guests will do, where people can sit, mingle and play, and what equipment/props will be needed. Consider hiring an event or party planner to help you if the task seems overwhelming.
  • Refreshments: Your party theme will help guide on what to serve. If you know of allergens or food dislikes, consider having options for special dietary needs and tastes. To personalize your event, have caterers cook with theme inspired food. If you choose to host a sporting event party, stock up on great finger foods and snacks that most people enjoy. Make your food personal to the event.
  • Decoration/Venue: Decorations can be simple or luxurious. Once your location is chosen, often minimal decoration is required. For example exterior parties have a natural backdrop of foliage, trees, etc… and may only need tikki torches for night time entertaining. If your party will be indoors, use your theme colors in table linen, dinnerware, and matching chair covers for a more formal occasion. Casual or formal, your theme and budget will help guide you.

Personalizing your party can be simplified with these easy tips and your party atmosphere will be enjoyed by all! If you don’t like to create ideas from scratch, visit online party and event websites that will give you ideas and inspiration. Use your geographic area to pull inspiration from too! If you live in the mountains, ocean or desert, there is personalized inspiration outside your front door!

Freshome readers tell us how you personalize your parties! Do you plan them out, or are they spontaneous? We love hearing your comments!