Here is a furniture collection that will not leave you indifferent. Buddha head table and pouf were designed by 21st Living Art and make for some intriguing decor additions. Here are a few words from the producers: “Beato Pouf and Pacifico Table fully satisfy the use they were designed for. They have a strong symbolic value that actually dilutes their seemingly ironic and “peaceful” appearance. The head of Buddha, symbol of a faraway culture, is used here in a new way as seating, becoming an easy and versatile piece of furniture. Beato Pouf therefore becomes part of our relaxing moments, integrating itself in the surrounding space almost like a piece of history. Pacifico Table wants to tell us its story. As we sit around it we can take in its beauty and appreciate it for its simplicity and immediacy.” What is your opinion on these furniture items? Would you consider having them in your home?