Stunning by design, the Armada House compresses a world of possibilities in its fascinating architecture. Created by award-winning Keith Baker Design, the residence located in Victoria, BC, Canada, displays an important feature of construction: the necessary relationship and collaboration between the designer and the client. The Canadian designer created a home where volumes intersect and shapes unite to form a specific design, dreamed by the owner and implemented by the architect. Wood and glass seem to define interior and exterior spaces without effort. The interiors feature wood beams that accentuate the feeling of natural elements overdose. Large, open spaces form the kitchen, dining room and living space that appear to be part of a bright story of comfort. No space is left unused – all the walls have either windows that flood the interiors with light or design elements that strengthen the idea of relaxation and comfort. A huge skylight in the main bathroom ensures exceptional moments in the bathtub under the stars. Take a good look at this house, you might dream about it tonight.