Karel ?íha of AMOSdesign sent us some photos of Hotel Miura, located in the north-western part of the Czech Republic. The further description is an excerpt from the press release we received: “Architecture of the entire building is rough as the surrounding mountains but at the same time cozy where it should be. Predominantly, it is made of concrete; on the outside, the concrete is combined with corroding corten sheet and violet glass. The case of the building is made of cembonite boards. Inside, concrete meets wood, stainless sheets and corian. The whole building is divided into 3 parts; one of these levitates freely above the terrain. Hotel rooms are situated in side wings and all are oriented southwards facing the golf course. Suites have glassed walls with a view of the Lysá hora mountain and surroundings. The central part of the building hosts a reception-desk with a lobby bar and a summer terrace, a night bar and a restaurant with a beautiful terrace permitting to watch what is going on at the golf course”. The hotel is said to exceptionally combine sports, luxury and art. We look forward to your reactions regarding its contemporary design.