Not too long ago, we presented two cool designs on Freshome that were very popular. We are talking about the Canon and Nikon coffee mugs that zoom out when needed and the Lens Pillows. What do these two posts have in common? Your love for photography, of course. For today we prepared another small product based on our contemporary craving for taking photos as well as our need to transfer them. Called Camera USB Drive, this small device measures 2? wide and 1.25? tall and resembles the popular DSLR cameras. What better low-budget gift for a photography enthusiast than a cute and friendly USB stick reminding the users not to let a day go by without them feeding their passion? Even though such a product already existed, the main difference between this USB drive and the one already on the market is that this design separates the lens from the body, so that connecting the stick to a computer (laptops too), is no longer a problem. The gadget can be purchased online here, for $20 (shipping costs not included).